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43 percent of Americans have no money saved for retirement.

The title of this post was on the news the other day. Their solution to solve this problem was Americans should all invest in the stock market. I think the solution is building a passive residual income. The stock market … Continue reading

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The Introvert on the Internet

The internet is the best and worst invention for us introverted people. The best invention because we can sit and read all day in the comfort of our homes, researching anything and everything our mind can think of to do … Continue reading

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Building A Community of people on WordPress who want to build a life time residual income?

Hello, my name is Mark Caudill I started this blog here on WordPress because I want to build a community with other bloggers who want to build a monthly residual income. Reading and writing has always been a very important … Continue reading

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Economics & The Economy

I been doing a lot reading about Economic theory and the Economy here on WordPress and it is all very fascinating stuff. It is fascinating to me because I am writing a blog to promote and teach about a type … Continue reading

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CASHFLOW QUADRANT,,RichDads Guide To Financial Freedom

Robert Kiyosaki’s      Second Book First published in 1998, this books might be his most important book that people should read. Simply put, the CashFlow Quadrant is a way to describe the way people earn their money. The man Robert … Continue reading

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Rich Dad Poor Dad, What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money

Rich People Teach Their Children About Money This is the first book written by Robert Kiyosaki, the first edition was released in 1997. After reading this book I started looking at the ways I have went about earning money in … Continue reading

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Income Inequality In America

I have been watching some of the documentaries on inequality here in America over the last few weeks. Inequality is basically the income gap between the rich people of the world and the poor people in the world. But there … Continue reading

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