The financial independence movement.

Have any of you heard about the financial independence movement?

I came across some blogs who write about becoming financially independent so they can retire early. They call their movement F.I.R.E.

There are a lot of these bloggers who have retired early by investing in the stock market and some investing in real estate. Some of them have done it with residual income like I am teaching here with this blog of mine.

I am glad to learn that a lot of people think like I do and hate their job enough to build a life time residual income instead of working their whole life away.

Let’s have a conversion about financial independence.

Have a super wonderful day.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

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Carving Pumpkins for Halloween.

My granddaughters got to carve some pumpkins for Halloween over the weekend at their uncles house. He also had paint for them so they did some painting on them too. We had a lot of fun, I just took the one picture of them.


How many of you will be carving up some pumpkins for Halloween?

Red River Gorge, taking a hike in the mountains of Kentucky.

I use to spend a lot of time hiking in these mountains when I was younger. The Red River Gorge has a lot of trails and is famous for all the arch formations it has there.


The Red River Gorge is in the state of Kentucky, the area has really grown and developed with new camp grounds and shopping stores.


If you like hiking and want to visit some nice arches then you should check it out.


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Grand Parents Day at school

I got to go to grand parents day with my 6 year old grand daughter Scarlet this week.

Just being a grand parent is awesome but getting to see her be so happy to have me visit her school is really awesome.


It was fun meeting her teachers and other grand parents along with some of her class mates.

We have good public schools here in America and I am glad that she has teachers who care enough about education to become teachers.

A few years back I started reading books by Robert Kiyosaki and in his books he writes that in his opinion the public schools only provide that type of education needed for a kid to become an employee.

He believes the public school system should provide more education about money.

I think he is right but it really is the job of parents and grand parents to teach children about how money works.

I didn’t know much about money while her father was growing up so I spent a large part of my time working for wage based income as he was growing up.

I wish I would have known about residual income so I wouldn’t have missed a lot of his special days at school while he was growing up.

We need to be teaching our children and grand children how to work to build a life time residual income so they don’t have to work their lives away working for wages.

If you have been following my blog here you should already know that I am using this blog to teach people how to build a life time residual income with an affiliate membership program called The Income For Life Program.

If you are interested you can visit some of my earlier articles here and here to learn about what I teach and promote with this blog.

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Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

What is Residual Income and how can it give you Financial Freedom

The word residual means recurring, in this article I will be writing about the benefits you can have with a monthly recurring income that gets paid to you monthly, every month for the rest of your life.

Most of the work people do around the world is based on trading their time and talents for a paycheck, this is called regular income that you have to continue to work for your whole life to keep the paychecks coming to you.


The people that earn residual income use a business system that earns income for them.

There are hundreds of different types of business systems being used today by people to earn a residual income. If you have read some of my other articles here at this blog you have probably noticed I am a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki and his books. Robert is a good example of someone who uses business systems to earn residual income. His book RICHDAD POORDAD was written back in 1996 and still is being sold all over the world.

Writing books is a business system that he uses to earn a residual income. Robert is also a real estate investor who has over 4000 rental units that he earns residual income from. He earns residual income every month from his business systems without having to do any work because his business systems earn the residual income on there own.

In Robert’s books he writes about several types of business systems for people to use to earn a residual income. The most important part of a business system is it needs to be designed in a way that will pay you a monthly residual type of income. That means the customers of the business system need to be monthly customers so there is a stead stream of revenue coming in every month.

A true monthly residual income can make you financially free if your business system has enough monthly residual income to pay all of your bills and enough for you to live your life as you want too. So you will need a business system that produces a monthly revenue to pay your bills and enough revenue to live without having to work anymore.

You will be financially free as soon as your monthly revenue covers all your life expenses.IMG_352454452807806.jpeg

There are a lot of business systems out there so when I started looking at them, I first decided what I did not want to be writing about or promoting here at my blog. I really hate the business systems that involve physical products. Writing about or promoting physical products is just something I could never do myself. I also could never write about or promote anything that cost a lot to own or operate. So I picked an affiliate membership program that does not involve any physical products and only cost 10 dollars a month to own and operate.

I have been an internet gunky for a long time and think the internet is the future for all of us people who like creating content for other people to see. I like building websites and blogs like this one you are reading right now. So when I found a website company that is designed to be a tool to build a life time residual income, I know that is the right business system for me.

The business system I am writing about and promoting with this blog is designed for content creators like you and me. I believe if you are a content creator and looking for a tool to build a life time monthly residual income, I think this is the right tool for you.

I know you are sitting there thinking, ( what is the work involved in this business system? ) What we want people to do is teach people about residual income and how they can become financially free for the rest of their life if they have residual income.

There are millions of people in this world who don’t have enough income to be able to afford the basic necessity’s of life. The way we can help these people is by teaching them how to use our business system to build a life time residual income. That is what I am doing right now, I wrote this article to help you understand how monthly residual income can give you financial freedom. We just want you to share our message with other people who need to hear this message.

I am sure if you think about it you probably already know some people who have a real need to earn more money, our business system will give you the power to help them. All you will have to do is create some content to explain to them that you want to help them just like I am here writing this article right now. Our goal is to help people earn a life time residual income, is that something you would enjoy being a part of?

Think about it and read some of my other articles and if you decide it is something you would enjoy being a part of, I will be here to help you any way I can, we want to help as many people as we can build a life time monthly residual income so they can become financially free, that is why it is called THE INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM.

If you would like to have a conversation with me you can post a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

Happy Labor Day

flag of america
The Flag Is Cool But Your Not Free Unless You Are Financially Free

This is a good holiday because we are celebrating not having to work today.

The history of this holiday is pretty cool but we still have the jobs that require long days and low hourly wages.

Working for hourly wages is not the only way to earn an income, residual income is a better type of income to work for anyway.

If you want to learn how to build a life time residual income then read some of my earlier post and you will learn how to build a life time residual income of your own.

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Life is to short to be working long hours for a low hourly wage.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher