CASHFLOW board game

I recently started reading more of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and writings. I also bought the board game he created called CASHFLOW. The game is designed to help people understand that different types of income will come from different ways of thinking. Most of us are taught that working for a paycheck is what we are suppose to do. Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called Richdad Poordad where he says the rich teach their children to build assets instead of working for a paycheck.


Robert’s books and teachings are meant to help people learn about the different types of income and the different ways of thinking that are involved with each type of income. We all have the same ability and opportunity to learn and develop the mindsets that the rich use to build asset type incomes. We can all use simple tools like Global Domains International to build a residual income that will give us more financial freedom.

Most of us live in the Rat Race of working hard day after day trying to make enough money to pay the bills that life is made up of, but if we make the choice to get out of the Rat Race and build a residual income that pays all the bills for us we can get out of the Rat Race.

The choice to get out of the Rat Race starts in the mind and heart and learning to use the right tools the right way. It also requires finding like minded people who also want to get out of the Rat Race. Finding like minded people and building a community of people who share the same vision for the future of financial freedom is very important.


If you are reading this post and want to get out of the Rat Race like I do then please contact me. The business opportunity I am promoting here is very simple to understand and is based on very simple math. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

The foundation of Knowledge

School has started and our children and grandchildren are back at learning the things that make up the foundations of knowledge. We need to help them build this foundation of knowledge by taking their education very serious. We need to make sure they have a nice peaceful place at home to do their home work and take the time to help them with their home work assignments.

Developing a strong Brain

Children need to learn to focus on learning to read, write and do arithmetic to develop a strong brain. Their future and possible the future of our country and freedoms depend on them developing the foundation of knowledge while they are young.

I remember as a kid when I would come home from school my mother having me sit down in a quite place with no distractions so I could focus on doing my home work.

Distractions put limits on their learning

Young minds need a place with no distractions to read and write and practice arithmetic. As adults we need to make sure they have a quite peaceful place for them to study.

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Antique Machinery Show

I went to the 46th Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show in Georgetown Ohio over the weekend. It is amazing to look at those old machines and realize just how much more advanced we are now as compared to back when these machines were being used. Our machinery does so much more of our work now days than it did back then. As humans we continue to improve every thing around us by building better machines and technology’s. I am very glad I did not have to use old steam engines and that I live in a time where technology has simplified work to the point it is today. Working to earn a living and earn income is a whole lot easier today than it was back in the steam engine days.

In today’s world we can use an internet based tool to create a residual income, it does require some education and a willingness to learn how to use it. As humans we have the ability to use our minds to improve the way work gets done. The internet has opened new ways to earn income and get work done. I am glad I live in the age of using the internet as a tool to earn income and that there are modern tools like Global Domains International available to me today. We live in this more advanced time with technology based tools to earn a living with, thanks for reading and have a great day.

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American’s who need more income!

All across America there are people who are working minimum wage jobs and very low hourly paying jobs. Most of these people do not know they can develop a residual income very simply with a great opportunity like Global Domains International.

Will you help me help them?

You can help yourself by helping other people!


If you haven’t noticed the internet has changed the way the whole world works. We now do most of our communicating using social media tools like Facebook. The internet has also opened up doors to us that allow us to work and earn money in a lot of new and different ways. If you haven’t started using the internet to earn money you are falling behind the times. The internet also gives us new opportunity’s to help the people around us and get involved in causes that are important to us. If you have been reading any of my writings you have probable noticed that I am very interesting in helping people who are making less money than they deserve at their low hourly paying jobs. The internet, along with a few other tools, gives us the ability to help the low hourly wage workers learn how to develop an Income For Life.

The Global Domains International affiliate membership program is an awesome tool that anyone can learn to use to develop a lifetime monthly income with. Using Global Domains International as a tool to develop a lifetime monthly income does require some learning and that is done by reading, I built a website with everything a person needs to know and it can be found at my website called The Income Solution. I did a lot of research and used that research to build that website, but if you have questions I am very easy to get in contact with here at this blog or from the website.

I know that most of the people who know me have no desire to help other people or even to help their self, but to those who have the nerve to stand up and be a light in this world and to the low hourly wage works in America please join me in my quest. Together we can help lots of hard working American’s achieve financial secure before the next recession hits our country, and it will. The cost of living keeps climbing but our wages don’t and Global Domains International is the right tool to set us all up before the next financial melt down. Just click on the words with the links to learn more and share this post with others.

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Bloggers can help the economy!

top_mottoBack in 2009 I was a victim of the recession, I lost my career in the heating and air conditioning industry and ended up having to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was not the only one, millions of Americans suffered the same fate I did. The main problem that caused us to become victims of the recession is we had all been working to earn the wrong type of income. My income at the time was based on the new home construction industry because I installed heating and air conditioning equipment in new homes as they were being built. The recession brought the new home construction industry to a complete stand still along with all the other industry’s that were directly involved with the building of new homes.

After losing my career I went into a time of research and learned that the only people who were not effected by the recession was people who had developed a residual income. There are many ways to develop a residual income but not all are easy to learn and implement into a busy life. Most of us need something that is simple to learn and that does not require a lot of time and effort.

During my research I learned about all the different ways to do marketing and advertising online. I studied Network and Affiliate marketing and looked at hundreds of opportunity’s that can be done by anyone who is willing to learn a few simple skills to put them in action.

Global Domains International is by far the simplest and most cost effective opportunity of all the opportunity’s I found and did research on. The basic membership package is just 10 dollars a month and includes everything you need to start earning money today. The opportunity is a simple referral program that starts with a 7 day free trail period so you can look at everything before committing to a long term involvement. Best of all you can be proud to introduce your family and friends to the affiliate program and work with them to develop a lifetime monthly income together.

This is the prefect type of opportunity for lots of reasons, I think the best part is it does not involve any selling of products like health and wellness or house hold cleaning products. All we do is teach people how to build a residual income by referring them to become a member of the income for life program. As bloggers I thing we can help a lot of people by helping them build a residual income and financial security for a better future.

Just click on my links to find out more about us and start helping people build an Income For Life.

This is one of my websites,

This is one of my affiliate websites,

This is one of my affiliate websites,

Have a great day,,, Mark

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Global Domains International for bloggers


Hi, my name is Mark and the reason I started writing is because I want to teach people how to develop a monthly residual income. I spent a lot of time researching a lot of the options available for building a residual income and when I came across Global Domains International I knew to was the right tool for me. Global Domains International is not a get rich quick scheme and does require some knowledge to get it up and running but is a good tool for a writer to use for developing a residual type of income.

I believe residual income is the income solution to living a good life and having work life balance. I built my first website using the web site builder that is included as part of the basic membership package. My writings at that website are things I learned by reading lots of books on Network and Affiliate Marketing. The purpose of the website is to illustrate how working as an independent contractor for a company like Global Domains International works and will result into a lifetime monthly income. My purpose is to develop my own residual income by help other people develop a residual income. As a writer I want to share what I have learned with other people who have the same desires as I do.

I built my website before I knew that Global Domains International had a wordpress plugin. For now I will just keep this blog like it is and my website like it is but in the future I will pick a wordpress theme to move it to my Global Domains International domain address. The .ws extension is what must people find weird about Global Domains International and we get that, but if you read the story behind the extension it will make a sense why having their own extension was important to the creators of the company.

If you have an interest in developing your own Income For Life by helping your readers develop an Income For Life we would love for you to take a look at our opportunity. Just take some time and follow the embedded links in this post and let me know what you think. Have a great day, Mark

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Working to earn residual income.

I wrote a little about what residual income is in a previous post so now let us look at one way to earn some residual income. I also wrote a post on working as an independent contractor and that I have chosen to work for a company named Global Domains International. Like most people I have a regular job and lots of other things like my family that require a lot of my time. The cool thing about working as an independent contractor is if you go about it right you can fit the work you do into a very busy life.

The first thing to learn is exactly what is it that you have to do to start earning and building a residual income. Global Domains International is an affiliate membership program so the first step is a no brainier, you have to be a member first. You become a member by setting up an account with them to be a customer. You do this by finding a link to the signup link at my website. One very awesome thing Global Domains International has is a free 7 day trail period so you can look everything over before making a big commitment to come on broad as an affiliate member. We are proud of our products and services and want people to try them out before they jump in full steam.

Now the second step is to learn everything you need to know about the opportunity to start building a monthly commission based income working for Global Domains International. I have built a website with all that information and you can find at The main question that most people have is, how many people do I need to join me in the Global Domains International opportunity to earn a nice monthly income in the future? The answer to this question is 5 if you have a goal of living off of your monthly income and eliminating your need for a regular job. If you set out on a part time basis to find and teach five new people the things you learned at my website you will end up with a very nice monthly residual income. In the image below you will see what we call the 5 x 5 diagram, the diagram illustrates how our system works if each new affiliate finds and trains 5 more people. Take some time to study this image and visit my website and then let me know if you have any questions.


As you can see, working for Global Domains International will add a nice amount of monthly income into your life once you learn how it all works. Look at where the image says layer #1 and that is all we are expecting from you if that is all you want to do. The questions is, do you think you can find 5 people who want to earn 3905 dollars a month in residual income? If so let’s get you started on building your Income For Life.

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