Picking dividend stocks takes a lot of research!

The Stock Market Is Huge

My goal is to use the M 1 Finance app to build a portfolio of stocks that pay dividends. This type of investing is using earned income to build an asset that earns passive or residual income. The first step is to find dividend paying stocks that pay a good dividend with a high enough yield to make it worth the time and effort it will take to get it up and working.

Finding Good Information On Stocks

The internet is full of websites that offer information on the companies that make up the stock market. The trick is finding the good websites that offer good information on the companies that pay a good dividend. Must of the websites are just wanting to get your email address so they can try to sell you something. Every industry has those sites that are just trying to build their email list so they can fill your email box with tons of spam emails.

The Dividend Aristocrats

One of the first things I learned is that there are 57 companies that are called the dividend aristocrats that have paid and dividend for over 25 years in a row. These companies have also raised their dividend every year for those 25 years. I decided that these are the type of companies that I will start investing money into. In my opinion choosing companies that have a long history of paying and raising their dividends is the right type of companies to invest my earned income into.

I Picked 3 Companies To Start Investing

I picked 3 of the dividend aristocrats to start my dividend investing journey.

AT&T is the first company I picked, I bought 9 shares so far.

Leggett & Platt Incorporated is the second company, I have bought 6 shares so far.

Exxon Mobil Corporation is the third company, I have bought 2 shares so far.

All of these companies have been paying and raising their dividends for over 25 years. By picking these companies I will be earning dividends every month because they pay out on different months of each quarter. They all have over a 4 percent dividend yield.

I found a cool website called Sure Dividend that has tons of information for investors who want to research the dividend aristocrats.

If you want to start using the M1Finance app to build a dividend portfolio here is a link to signup and you will get 10 dollars to start out with.

This is a screen shot of what my portfolio looks like today, I will add screen shots with details on dividends earned as they come in and as I buy more shares.

The M1Finance app is free to use and if you sign up you will receive 10 dollars to start buy your first investment. Click the link to check it out.


M 1 Finance, one very cool investing app.

I have been doing some research on investing app’s for a while now. I looked at Stash, RobinHood, Acron, BetterMint and there was a few others as well.

The nice thing about these app’s is you can be your own stock picker and choose investments that you want to own based on what your investment goals are, without anyone giving you advice that you don’t need.

A lot of people love those ETF’s and Mutual Funds but they don’t really work for people interested in building an income based on dividends.

When I came across this app called M1Finance I knew I found the right one for me. I have a large amount of money saved up as a emergence fund that is only earning an interest rate of one percent. Now I can move some of that money over to this app and earn some real dividends and if I ever need the money I can get it back with just a few clicks of the mouse. The coolest part is I am the person who will be picking the stocks that will pay me the dividends.

I been doing some very serious research on the stocks available that pay monthly and quarterly dividends. It is mind blowing just how many stocks are available to pick from that pay dividends. I invested my first deposit into AT&T which is a high yield dividend of over 6.5 percent. From here I will start adding in my own stock picks that I have done my own research on.

I believe M1Finance is only available to people in America for now. If you want to check them out then here is a link to visit there website.

If you visit this link and open an account you should receive 10 dollars to invest in the investments of your choice.

If you decide to setup an account I would love to here what you decide to invest in.

What type of investment do you currently have?

I have a 401k at my current job but it is in a Vanguard mutual fund that is only earning a small dividend each quarter. I also have an IRA that earns a flat 3 percent interest rate.

Have a super wonderful day.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

I been studying dividend stock investing and it looks like a lot of fun.

I started studying a type of stock investing called dividend investing. I had never considered this type of investing until I came across the FIRE movement. Some of the bloggers in the FIRE movement are using dividend investing as a way to build a passive income with the goal of retiring on their dividend income.

The basic concept with this type of investing is buy stocks that pay a good dividend and hold them long term.

As you are paid dividends reinvest that money back in by using that money to buy more shares of stock. This is called DRIP, a dividend re-investment plan.

The blogs I have been reading have a lot of good advice. For starters they say to buy stocks that have raised their dividends for the past 25 years, these are called dividend aristocrats. There are over 50 of these companies.

There are lots of articles on different apps to do the investing with, I choose one called M 1 Finance. This app is fairly simple to use and has some really good features. One is you can setup an automatic deposit into your investments on a regular schedule. Second is you see your investments in a pie format which is kinda neat.

In this screen shot you can see my dashboard in the M 1 Finance app. I started out buying 250 dollars worth of AT&T stock. So now I own 8 full shares of stock and what is called a fractional share. The price of each share was 30.22, for now I set it up to add 35 dollars a week to the account and it all to be invested into AT&T stock. So each week I will be buying 1 full share and a fractional share.

I picked this company because it has a long history here in our country and I have been a customer of the company for 15 years. This company pays a quarterly dividend and the next dividend payment should be paid out in July. In this type of investing I will re-invest the dividends by using the money to buy more shares of stock.

I am not sure why but I had never took an interest into the stock market before now. I have seen people like Warren Buffet in the news but just never gave investing in the stock market a second thought. After finding these bloggers who are really into this type of dividend investing and seem to have a lot of fun writing about it I found an interest I never had before. Maybe this will give me more to write about and make me some money at the same time.

I am not sure but I think M 1 Finance is only usable by people here in America. I am new to this so I am not sure if other country’s have app’s that they can use for investing in the stock market.

That is all for today, have a super wonderful day.


Cincinnati Nature Center in Clermont County Ohio

I bought a membership to the Cincinnati Nature Center.

I live close to the Cincinnati Nature Center but have not been there in a few decades. I use to do a lot of hiking when I was younger but some how life got busy and I just quit. I been wanting to get out hiking and enjoy nature some so I finally did and plan to spend more time hiking and enjoying nature. Here are a few pictures I took while hiking.

(FIRE) The Financial Independence Retire Early movement.

Have any of you heard about the financial independence movement?

I came across some blogs who write about becoming financially independent so they can retire early. They call their movement F.I.R.E.

It is not just a movement, there is a whole blogging community that write articles on F.I.R.E. related topics.

There are a lot of these bloggers who have retired early by investing in the stock market and some investing in real estate and the bloggers earn commissions with affiliate marketing on their blogs.

I am glad to learn that a lot of people think like I do and think building a life time passive or residual income is better then working their whole life away at a job.

One component of F.I.R.E. is living on a budget and saving money instead of wasting money on things you don’t really need. Some people call this being frugal or minimalist.

Another part of this movement is investing as much of their earned income into the stock market as possible. Some of the bloggers say they put over half of their earned income into the stock market for years so they build up a very large portfolio. Some of these bloggers report that they have over a half million dollars in their stock portfolio’s.

If you want to check out some of their blogs just use Google or any search engine and type in this question. ( What is the FIRE movement? ) You should get enough results to find out everything you want to know about what the FIRE movement is and lots of websites and blogs to visit.

I don’t have enough time or money to invest in the stock market to retire early so that is why I teach residual income here at my blog. All you need to retire early with residual income is enough monthly income to pay all your bills and to provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

What our your personal financial goals?

Is financial independence and retiring early something that interest you?

What sounds better to you, lifetime residual income or investing in the stock market until you have a large enough portfolio to retire early?

Have a super wonderful day.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher