My name is Mark Caudill, I am avid reader of books and blogs and I watch way to many YouTube videos.

I think the content creators here on the internet have found the best type of work any one can do, they are creating content here on the internet and enjoying life at the same time.

The one thing I don’t see much content created about is how content creators can develop a retirement income. On YouTube there are hundreds of videos of ways to make money on the internet but I have yet to see one on how to develop a retirement income.

The same is true of blogs, I see a lot of blogs using affiliate marketing to make money from their audience but none on how a content creator can develop a retirement income.

That is one of the reasons I have decided to start this blog here on WordPress, I believe that content creators should be building a retirement income and planning for the future. And we can help our audience do the same at the same time.

We can do this by teaching people how to build a life time residual income, and I will show you how we can do this right here at my blog.

I am a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s books RICHDAD POORDAD and CASHFLOW QUADRANT.

Reading these two books have completely changed the way I look at earning money. In these books Robert say’s that passive residual income is the best type of income. This is the only type of income that will give us financial freedom and time freedom. His books are what inspired me to start this blog to spread his message to everyone I can. I will be writing about the financial teachings taught in his books and building a training program for anyone who whats to build a life time passive residual income.

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These are the topics I will be writing about here at this blog.

I will be writing articles that will teach you how to build a life time monthly residual income using what I call a brand deal, I will also refer to it as a tool.

The brand deal or tool is an affiliate membership program called THE INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM.

I will also be writing articles about the financial education taught in Robert Kiyosaki books, DVD’s and audio CD’s that I have read and watched.

I will be writing articles on business topics like branding and marketing.

How to understand and use a business system to build residual income.

This blog is going to include everything you will need to know to build a life time monthly passive residual income using the INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM.

I am also a total introvert and will be writing about the problems I have as an introvert.

I will be writing some articles about random topics that interest me as well.

My goal is to build a community of like minded people here on WordPress, all working together to build a retirement income for each and every person who becomes part of the community.

Feel free to ask questions and start a conversation with me here on WordPress.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, you can contact me here on WordPress.