My name is Mark Caudill, thanks for stopping by my website today.

I hope the reason you came here today was to learn because that is what I do. I am a teacher of residual income, you read that right, I teach people how to earn residual income. Teaching people how to earn residual income is a profession and a business.

Teaching is my business and my profession.

My goal as a business person and a teacher is to create content here on the internet that people can use to learn how to build a life time residual income. So all a person needs to do is visit this website and spend a little time reading and studying the contend here and they will learn how to build a life time residual income. This information is available to everyone in the world because it is here on the internet. My business is completely online and I do all my work online here on the internet.

The Income For Life Training Center

Internet Training Center

Here at the training center I will be using all kinds of different tools to help me accomplish my work. The website you are reading at right this minute is a free WordPress website and blog. A lot of the internet tools I will be using are free for me to use. One of them is a Facebook business page that will be used as my office. It will be a place here online that I can have conversations with people and get them connected with the training. Facebook has a lot of great tools that can be used to teach and educate people from a distance. Most of the internet based tools they have to use are free. One of the best things about having an internet based training center is it will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, every day of the year.

I will even supply you with the tools to earn residual income.

What good would it be if I taught you how residual income works if I didn’t actually show you how to earn it right here on the internet with a simple affiliate membership program. This affiliate membership program is based on very simple math you already know. It’s also based on the theory that each and every person will have a need for income for the rest of their life. Everyone has the need of income until the day they die so this affiliate program is perfect, it’s designed to provide an income for the rest of your life.

The Income For Life Affiliate Membership Program.

Marketing Is Education

Affiliate marketing is the most common way to earn money on the internet. Almost all Bloggers and You Tubers use some form of affiliate marketing to earn their income.

There are literally 1000’s of affiliate membership programs available today but most involve selling some form of product or service that few people want or need.

The cool thing about The Income For Life Affiliate Membership Program is it does not involve buying or selling any physical products.

It’s simple and cost effective, the Income For Life program has a membership package that only cost 10 dollars a month. This package is called the basic membership package and includes everything you need to start earning a monthly income on the first day you become a member.

It’s the perfect tool to teach you how to earn residual income.

On this page I’m going to focus on teaching you what residual income is and why it is a better than income that is paid to you by the hour or even a salary type of income.

I am assuming you already know how hourly pay and salary pay works but I will spend some time discussing them first to make sure we are thinking of them as being the same thing.

Both hourly wages and salary wages have to do with the amount of time you spend working. A salary might be something like $40,000.00 dollars a year. The company might divide the salary into 26 payments so you would get a paycheck every two weeks. In order for you to get the paychecks you will be required to work a certain amount of hours each week preforming your job. If you don’t show up to do your job they will stop giving you paychecks really fast. Hourly pay is based on one hour of your time being worth a certain dollar amount, let’s say they pay $20.00 dollars an hour, then you will get a paycheck based on hours you work at a pay rate of $20.00 an hour.

With both of them types of income and payment types you are going to have to work day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year for the rest of your life until you turn 65 five years old and are allowed to retire. This is all stuff you already know so now my work is to teach you why residual income is better.

The Income For Life Program pays profits and revenues.

Here is why earning residual income from The Income For Life Program can be better than working for wages. The Income For Life Program pays out a share of the profits and revenue to each member who has done their share of the work to help the program grow.

This may sound confusing to you at first if you have never heard of profit and revenue sharing. Profit and revenue sharing is just a type of payment method used by some company’s who can. The Income For Life Program was designed specifically for people who want to work for a company that has a profit and revenue sharing payment method. That is why I want you to completely understand how it all works so you will have the desire to earn profits and revenue. The cool thing is you can do this work in your spare time.

We will teach you how to earn profits and revenue in your spare time using tools right here on the internet.

The website you are at right now is a free WordPress site, a website like this is pretty easy to learn how to setup and use. By reading the web pages I have here at this website you will learn everything you need to know. Once you have studied the information and began to understand it you could easily use a free website like this to teach it to more people. Teaching is the work we do and internet tools is how we do our work.

This website is part of a business system as I described on the welcome page and the training page of this website. I don’t want to have the same information here so if you want to study the math please click this link to go to the training page, http://www.residualincome183.wordpress.com/training/

This image is one of the main parts of my training program you will find here at this website.

We are looking for people who have a desire to Financially Free.

I will be teaching you about a type of income that can give you Financial Freedom.

Residual income is what I teach and I believe it is the best type of income.

All you need to do is read and study and I believe you will agree with me.

This page is in the process of a re-write at this time.

The page titled TRAINING is the most important page for learning how THE INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM works. If you have questions you can contact me and I will get back to you as fast as possible.

Mark Caudill,, the residual income teacher.

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