Mark Caudill

Lives just outside of Cincinnati Ohio and have for my whole life.

I have many interest which include reading a lot and now doing some of my own writing.

A lot of my reading and research has been on business related stuff like marketing and advertising and all the different ways there are to earn money.

The research I have done on business related topics is what inspired me to start this blog and build a few websites which you will find links to all over this blog.

Learning how to build a residual income is the main focus of my research.

While doing my research I came across a business model that is very interesting and has the a lot of potential for people who can grasp how it actually works. There is a lot of controversy as to how ethical the business model is in a lot of peoples minds. The business model has the potential to give people with very little money and business skills the ability to develop a lifetime monthly residual income. The main thing a person would need to make this business model work for them is some specialized education on the how it works and a desire to help other people make more money. So I devoted a lot of time reading up on everything a person would need to know to make the business model work for them and anyone willing to learn a few basic business skills. I have made it one of my life goals to become a teacher of the things I have learning about building a residual income with this business model. So I will be writing a lot of post on the blog page about the business model and the skills need to make it work.

Learning how to teach people how to build a residual income is my passion.

I am actually a very introverted person, I’m not very outgoing and I am really bad at caring on a conversation. I am not one of those introverts that totally hate to be around other people thou. I actually like being around people that I have things in common with and that like talking about the same things I like to talk about. One of the things I most like to talk about is residual income and how to build a system to develop residual income. Most introverted people will tell you that being a highly introverted person can cause a person to have lots of struggles in everyday life. Shyness and having social anxiety is very common for us introverted people and are things we have to work at to over come. Trying to over come these things has become a big personal develop project of mine. Personal development has become a major focus in my life and is another topic I have read up on immensely. One of my life goals is to find ways to help other shy and highly introverted people to improve their lives with some form of personal development program.

At the time I am in my mid fifty’s and as you have read I have wrote about two of my life goals above. This blog is going to be focused on the goal of teaching people about the how to build and develop a residual income. On the home page you can see I have picked a company that is designed for the purpose of developing a residual income. I am one of those people who thinks in terms of building systems to accomplish a goal. This blog is one part of a system I am building to teach people how to develop and build a residual income. The company you can learn about on the home page is another part of the system. Another part of the system is a MeetUp group called the Income For Life Club. If you are not familiar with MeetUp.com you can visit their website to learn more about it.

My first thoughts of writing a blog like this felled me with fear and anxiety just thinking about it, sharing my goals and personal information for other people to read is very intimidating for an introverted person. Over the last year or so I have been reading blogs and articles by lots of introverted people here on the internet and they said that the fear is normal but that writing is the best way to share you goals with the people around us. We introverted people are not good at conversation so writing becomes the venue to express our thoughts and feelings to the outside world. We introverts tend to bottle things up inside of us and spend lots of time in solitude with our books and pets. I believe a lot of the books I have read were written by highly introverted people like myself because we spend so much time feeling our brains by reading that at some point in time it becomes necessary to start writing to let some of that learning get out of our head. Me starting to write now seems to be that process happening, I read it and learned it and now it is time for the knowing of how things work to escape my head in the form of writing. I sure am glad that I live in a time where spell checker has my back and I don’t have to use a dictionary to find the correct spelling of the words I write.

Stephen R. Covey is one of the writers that has inspired me to start writing myself. Two of his books has been a big part of my personal development journey, the first is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the second is The 8th Habit. I will be writing post on the blog page about the things I have learned by reading his books.

Richard Bliss Brooke wrote a book on Network Marketing that really opened my eyes to the potential that residual income can have on a persons life. His book is called The FOUR YEAR CAREER. I will be writing post on the blog page about the things he teaches in his book.