M 1 Finance, one very cool investing app.

I have been doing some research on investing app’s for a while now. I looked at Stash, RobinHood, Acron, BetterMint and there was a few others as well.

The nice thing about these app’s is you can be your own stock picker and choose investments that you want to own based on what your investment goals are, without anyone giving you advice that you don’t need.

A lot of people love those ETF’s and Mutual Funds but they don’t really work for people interested in building an income based on dividends.

When I came across this app called M1Finance I knew I found the right one for me. I have a large amount of money saved up as a emergence fund that is only earning an interest rate of one percent. Now I can move some of that money over to this app and earn some real dividends and if I ever need the money I can get it back with just a few clicks of the mouse. The coolest part is I am the person who will be picking the stocks that will pay me the dividends.

I been doing some very serious research on the stocks available that pay monthly and quarterly dividends. It is mind blowing just how many stocks are available to pick from that pay dividends. I invested my first deposit into AT&T which is a high yield dividend of over 6.5 percent. From here I will start adding in my own stock picks that I have done my own research on.

I believe M1Finance is only available to people in America for now. If you want to check them out then here is a link to visit there website.

If you visit this link and open an account you should receive 10 dollars to invest in the investments of your choice.

If you decide to setup an account I would love to here what you decide to invest in.

What type of investment do you currently have?

I have a 401k at my current job but it is in a Vanguard mutual fund that is only earning a small dividend each quarter. I also have an IRA that earns a flat 3 percent interest rate.

Have a super wonderful day.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

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