Have you lost any loved ones that were in the military?

I am a member of what we call a Gold Star Family. 🌟

My youngest brother died in a plane crash along with a lot of other soldiers back on December 12, 1985.

Every year there is a memorial ceremony at the Fort Campbell military base for all of us Gold Star Family members.

It’s a great honor for us and totally awesome that my brother and his fallen comrades are still remembered and celebrated.

This year is going to be a bit different because in January my mother passed away. Every year we talk to other families that have lost family members but this year we did as well.

I will be writing a few posts next week as we travel to and attend the ceremonies. For today I am going to share some pictures of earlier trips.

As you can imagine the lose of my brother right before the Christmas holiday has always made the holiday less of a Merry Christmas time.

I am glad the Army still has these memorial services every year for our families. My brother was very proud to be in the Army and loved serving our country. He lost his life protecting the freedoms we are blessed to have here in America.

Have you lost a loved one in the military?

Have a super wonderful day.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

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