I hate raking leaves.

I been living with my elderly Dad and helping take care of him for a while now. One of the hardest parts is all the yard work. I never have liked yard work and especially hate raking leaves. I love my Dad and want to help him stay living in his house for as long as possible. He is 91 and can barely walk so he can’t take care of the yard anymore.

I am one of those introverted people who enjoys reading books and doing research online. One reason I decided to write this post is to see how a picture from my new phone will look in a blog post. My old phone died and I bought a new Moto G6. It is not a fancy phone but it is all I need in a phone.

This is my first post here on WordPress using the upgraded blog post builder as well. Took me a few try’s to get started but I do think I will like it.

Anyway, have a super wonderful day.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

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