Grand Parents Day at school

I got to go to grand parents day with my 6 year old grand daughter Scarlet this week.

Just being a grand parent is awesome but getting to see her be so happy to have me visit her school is really awesome.


It was fun meeting her teachers and other grand parents along with some of her class mates.

We have good public schools here in America and I am glad that she has teachers who care enough about education to become teachers.

A few years back I started reading books by Robert Kiyosaki and in his books he writes that in his opinion the public schools only provide that type of education needed for a kid to become an employee.

He believes the public school system should provide more education about money.

I think he is right but it really is the job of parents and grand parents to teach children about how money works.

I didn’t know much about money while her father was growing up so I spent a large part of my time working for wage based income as he was growing up.

I wish I would have known about residual income so I wouldn’t have missed a lot of his special days at school while he was growing up.

We need to be teaching our children and grand children how to work to build a life time residual income so they don’t have to work their lives away working for wages.

If you have been following my blog here you should already know that I am using this blog to teach people how to build a life time residual income with an affiliate membership program called The Income For Life Program.

If you are interested you can visit some of my earlier articles here and here to learn about what I teach and promote with this blog.

Have a super wonderful day,

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

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