Born To Build, Part 2, The Four Keys To Building

The Builder’s Mindset

We are all the builder of our own life and our work or careers are one of the biggest parts of our lives. The work we do and career paths we pursue takes up a large part of our time. We should all be pursuing work and careers that we enjoy and that we are passionate about, if we do it will give us our best life imaginable.

In this book they have lots of story’s about people who went out and built their life and career around their dreams and passions.

The most important thing they are trying to convey with this book is it takes drive and motivation to think like a builder. They think the builder way of thinking is an essential life skill. It takes a willingness to develop your natural talents like determination, personal initiative and creative thinking.

These are the four keys to finding and living your best life imaginable.

The First Key: Creating Self-Awareness

Self awareness is a big part of deciding what type of career you choose to pursue with your life. Doing some type of work to earn the income to live the life of your dreams has a lot to do with who you are mentally, physically and emotionally.

This part of the book is full of charts that go into detail on how you can really get to know what your strengths and weakness are in your natural talents and skills.

One of the main things they think people should do is really get to know what your natural talents and skills are so you can choose a career path the aligns with them.

They also think you need to have a good understanding of your personality type and the things that interest you the most. Choosing a career path the aligns with your personality and interest are important to living your best life imaginable.

This is just a few of the things they have written about in this book but knowing yourself inside and out is a very important aspect of living your dream life.

The Second Key: Recognizing Opportunities

The path to finding the career and opportunities that are right for you are found in what you learned about yourself by creating self awareness.

Ask yourself questions like what are your interest and what concerns do you see in the world around you?

What are your natural talents and skills?

In this part of the book they write about keeping a journal of the things you are most interested in and what problems you see in the world that you could provide help to solve.

They also write about growing your network of people in your life. One of the best ways to find and recognize the opportunities in the world around you is by getting out and talking to a lot of people who have similar interest and values.

One question to ask yourself is, do you feel you have a purpose or cause that you want to be part of the solution? Having a purpose in life can bring out a whole new creative thinking process that you may have never let dominate you mind before.

Do you have a product or service that you think the world really needs?

When you apply thinking and time to looking for the right opportunity for your life you will start seeing opportunities that you never saw before.

One of the problems I see in the world that I think needs to be solved is poverty. I think we should be teaching people how to build a life time residual income.

The Third Key: Activating Ideas

Your future depends on your actions.

Activating on your ideas is where talent and opportunity meet. You can only have the best life possible if you acquire the skills and talents to achieve the opportunity’s you want to work on.

In this part of the book they talk about mainly things that need to be done for people looking to start a business startup. If your a person who plans on working a regular job your whole life then this part won’t help you much.

For example, I write because I want to help people build a life time residual income. One of the things I have been working on is finding out if there is people who have an interest in learning about residual income. Do this is an experiment they call activating ideas. The goal is to find out if people have an interest or not. Residual income can bring a lot of people financial freedom but only if they want financial freedom.

Poverty is one of the problems I see in the world that could be solved by teaching people how to build a life time residual income. Teaching people about profit and revenue sharing and how it works is an experiment I have been working on. If you have read my earlier post here at this blog you know what I mean.

The Four Key: Building A Team

No one accomplishes anything all by their self.

In this part of the book they go into detail about finding people to be part of your team. Nothing in this world is ever built by one person, we all have to find partners and team members.

The most important people to have on your team is your family and friends, if they don’t believe in your goals and dreams then you are not able to have your best life imaginable. I hope you have a supportive family and friends that support you.

This has been one of my problems getting started, my family and colleagues don’t seem to care about the problems I see in the world and don’t support me in my quest to help.

We need to find like minded people with different talents and skills.

In my case I have been looking for people who are like minded, people who want residual income and that believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to build residual income.

Building a team of people in the world we live in is very hard, most people are working their life away trying to pay the bills. Most people are to busy trying to survive and have little time to worry about a big problem like poverty in the world around us.

This is just a brief summary of this part of the book.

The book went into a lot more detail into all of these subjects. The writers used story’s of real people who were building businesses and professionals working for different companies.

They also described tools people can use to help in each part to gain a more in depth look at the process of digging deep into each part.

This book is really for people who are wanting to build a career around a purpose or cause. It was written for the serious minded person who has big dreams and goals who want to work to make the world a better place to live.

There are more parts to the book that I will write post about later.

The world would be a better place if people earned more income.

I am going to take this opportunity to invite you to read a post I wrote on how residual income can give you financial freedom.

Click here to learn more about residual income.

Born To Build

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher


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