Families Belong Together, Protest Immigration Policies Nationwide here in America

Been watching and reading the news about all the rallies and protest going on here in America about immigration policies. They are protesting because children are being separated of their parents as they enter the country. The parents are being held in different places from the children. There are a lot of pictures of the children being held in what looks like cages. Immigration policies have always been an issue here in America and it is now one of the biggest political battles going on between the two political party’s.

I find it fascinating how passionate millions of Americans can get about an issue like immigration but at the same time we have millions of actual Americans living in poverty and very few Americans care about the families living in poverty.

One of the main problems we have here in America is people are taught to get jobs and work for paychecks that won’t pay the bills. The cost of living is getting higher all the time but the employers don’t want to pay a livable wage.

I read articles about how over 50 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with no money saved for emergencies and wonder why Americans are not very concerned about their own people.

By reading books like Robert Kiyosaki’s I have learned the reason so many Americans are struggling with to little money is we are working for the wrong kind of pay. We should be working to build a life time residual income instead of low hourly wages. That is probably true all over the world, everyone in the world should be building a life time residual income.

I think we should be teaching the immigrants and people all over the world how to build a life time residual income. We can help people all over the world learn how to become financially free.

We should organize an online school to teach life time residual income to people all over the world.

What do you think?

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher


18 thoughts on “Families Belong Together, Protest Immigration Policies Nationwide here in America

    1. It has confirmed to me that must people are not interested in helping other people.
      We seem to live in a world where most people are totally self centered with little concern for the well being of anyone but their self.
      It has helped me get conversations going offline, but as Robert Kiyosaki teaches, people are brainwashed in to working to earn money with their time instead of taking the time to understand residual income.
      Every day is learning experience, I can only help people that want to learn.
      Thanks for asking and commenting.

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        1. I’m glad your interested, do you think you understand it good enough to explain it to other people?

          You can signup at this affiliate website, the first week is a free trail period, if you want to use the .ws domain with your blog you should be able to buy giving it the same name as your current blog, http://www.website.ws/mrmarkcaudill

          I decided to take a break from writing on the blog for a few weeks because I bought a vacant lot and been working on cleaning it up.

          If you have any questions just let me know.

          Have a super wonderful day.


          1. Yeah I think so…

            You pay $10 a month. For every person that signs up from your link you will receive $1 a month. It’s the same for the people that sign up from their link up to 5 tiers down.

            The bit I’m not sure on is how we get paid… is it a cheque? do you have to live in the USA? How do you know how much you will receive etc?


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            1. When you signup for the free week take some time to look over the members area, in the bonus section you will find the GDI learning bonus, you can earn 25 dollars for doing the steps to earn that bonus.

              The members area has got a lot of information that will help you understand why I like Global Domains International so much.

              Helping people earn money in the internet age is pretty awesome.

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            2. I actually signed up with Global Domains years ago but was promoting another MLM company so never worked the Global Domains business. I did build the website to as a way to teach people how the business works. The other company had bad management so I decide to leave that company even thou I was making money, I didn’t see a future for me or my granddaughters with that company.
              My goal is to build a business that I can leave to my granddaughters. I have a few people in global Domains at this time but have been focusing my efforts on per marketing. What I mean is I have been holding monthly meetings teaching profit sharing and residual income. Most of the people I have been teaching are starting to get a good understanding of how it works but I only invite the people who are ready to join. The goal is to get people to use their imagination to see the future they can have if they build a life time residual income using a business system. In the other MLM company they would not let me teach profit sharing because they were keeping most of the profit for them selfies. To answer your question, right at this moment I only have sponsored a few serious people into the affiliate membership program. I have been fine tuning my training program by teaching profit sharing and residual income and learning what people do and do not understand. What I am planning on doing here in my home town, is once I have around 6 to 8 serious people, is to rent a small office and start doing training meetings 3 to 4 times a week. I have around 200 people signed up to come to training’s. While I do these training’s I will try to make some good YouTube video’s to use on the blog. There has been a lot of interest in the blog from India and South Africa, so I hope I can use video to help them understand residual income better. The main thing to think about here is, do you have the desire to teach residual income and profit sharing? The Income For Life Program has to be taught to people, they won’t just get it from day one. It is about building a future for everyone who gets involved. It is about building a community and financial freedom for as many people as possible. Don’t sign up till your ready, I want you to be happy with your decision either way.
              Hope this answers your question.

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            3. Amazing Mark!! Thanks so much for your great response! I do hope the trainings go well in the future too!!

              It’s been something I have been seriously considering for over a year now, with a different network marketing group. I really like the idea behind this one as there literally is nothing to sell, I just can’t understand why everyone doesn’t get involved (providing it all works!!…) with this kind of system?! Nobody loses!!

              Obviously the owners of the company would be doing waaaaay better (making $5 per EVERY user each month!)

              Despite this, even if you can break even you get a free domain name to hold a website, which has benefits to it anyway!

              I’m currently on summer holiday (which funnily enough means I have less time… due to travelling and seeing family/ friends/ less routine!)

              I will definitely get involved in this at some point as the down side is $120 per year but the upside is unlimited (from what I understand?!)

              Thanks again Mark, I really do love what you do!!

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            4. Thanks for your interest Mike,

              Here in America the reason people don’t get involved is mainly fear, they have no confidence in their own ability to build a business system or the business system it’s self.

              Most workers here live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the mental ability to see or understand how the building process will lead to a better more secure financial future.

              People here say they want the riches and rewards but are to busy to put in the effort to get started.

              The hardest part of this is building enough trust in the business system for people to give you the time to take a real good look at how it will work for them if they put in the effort to try.

              One thing you can do is start asking people if they know how residual income works and see what kind of responses you get. You will find that most people have no ideal of how it works.

              Have a great summer break.


            5. Hi Mike, thanks for giving us a try. I did reply to your email but I also wanted to make sure you got my message by replying here as well.

              If you have any problems in the members area I can use my computer and make a screen shot video to help you out.

              Thanks again and I am right here if you have any questions.


            6. Thanks Mark, I got it sorted but there aren’t many advance options for the website building. I think chimpmail required me to type something in to register it.

              I tried to set up an opt in and autoresponder on chimp mail but it didn’t really like that type of website so blocked the account.

              How have you gone about promoting it other than your blog?

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            7. The website builder is good for static pages, most people use a WordPress template and link it to the domain. I have a few customers who do that, they use the free WordPress templates. I would have to read up on how to do that in the WordPress dashboard.

              I am mainly talking to people in person because I like to do face to face networking. I have been trying to get a few people to start having monthly meetings in their homes but they can’t seem to get organized enough to do that. I am thinking about renting a small office in my home town because I don’t own my own home right now. I live with my elderly father to take care of him right now.

              I never did any good with email marketing myself so I have gave up on it.

              I have tried Facebook groups by what happens with them is people keep posting ads to other companies and it gets to be a lot of work trying to delete them all the time.

              I have a Meetup group called CashFlow right now and with it I am trying to connect with other Robert Kiyosaki fans. I hold monthly meetings and a few people have signed up. Meetup is a pretty cool social networking platform with a lot of tools but it does cost money to use their platform.
              When I am talking to people I ask them if they know how residual income works and if they know what profit and revenue sharing is, most people don’t here in America.

              I want to find people interested in earning a profit and building a life time residual income. So I am always trying to get that conversation going.
              Here in America, most people live paycheck to paycheck with no retirement savings. I try to help them see what residual income can do for them and teach them about how it works.

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