Families Belong Together, Protest Immigration Policies Nationwide here in America

Been watching and reading the news about all the rallies and protest going on here in America about immigration policies. They are protesting because children are being separated of their parents as they enter the country. The parents are being held in different places from the children. There are a lot of pictures of the children being held in what looks like cages. Immigration policies have always been an issue here in America and it is now one of the biggest political battles going on between the two political party’s.

I find it fascinating how passionate millions of Americans can get about an issue like immigration but at the same time we have millions of actual Americans living in poverty and very few Americans care about the families living in poverty.

One of the main problems we have here in America is people are taught to get jobs and work for paychecks that won’t pay the bills. The cost of living is getting higher all the time but the employers don’t want to pay a livable wage.

I read articles about how over 50 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with no money saved for emergencies and wonder why Americans are not very concerned about their own people.

By reading books like Robert Kiyosaki’s I have learned the reason so many Americans are struggling with to little money is we are working for the wrong kind of pay. We should be working to build a life time residual income instead of low hourly wages. That is probably true all over the world, everyone in the world should be building a life time residual income.

I think we should be teaching the immigrants and people all over the world how to build a life time residual income. We can help people all over the world learn how to become financially free.

We should organize an online school to teach life time residual income to people all over the world.

What do you think?

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher


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