Learn how to work less to earn more with a profit and revenue sharing business system.

The world is full of jobs where you have to work more hours to earn more money.

I started this blog to teach people how to work less to make more money.

You may have never heard of profit and revenue sharing until now, but now you have the opportunity to learn how it works because that is what I teach here at this blog.

If you can read this blog and have a basic understanding of how math works, you already have the knowledge you need to build a life time residual income.

If owning a business is scary to you then this may not be for you because what I am teaching with this blog is for people who want to own a business and like the process of building a business. In my opinion building a business is the only way to have financial freedom in the global economy we live in today.

The business I am teaching is called The Income For Life Program, it is an affiliate membership program. In an affiliate membership program we are not looking for people to buy or sell physical products. Our business is more about building a community of like minded people who want to build a life time residual income so we can all become financially free.

The Income For Life Program is a complete internet business system that includes everything you need to start building a life time residual income on day one.

The first thing I want to teach you here in this article is the cost. Every business cost money to start and to run, we call this the operating cost. We have a business package called the basic membership package that cost 10 dollars a month. So the total monthly operating cost of this business is 10 dollars a month.

10 dollar bill

I live in America so I got an image of a 10 dollar bill so you can get a real good mental picture of what the total monthly operating cost looks like in real money.

The business system is based on a profit and revenue sharing business model. What this means is the company that owns and that created the business system is going to pay us a share of the 10 dollars. The company that owns the business system is Global Domains International. The first thing they have to pay for after receiving our payment each month is their operating cost. Their operating cost is 5 dollars of the 10 dollars so the rest of it is the profit that they are going to share with us.

Let’s take a look at each word so you can fully understand how this business works. We’ll start with the word revenue. The word revenue is the amount of money received for the payment of a product or service. So when a member of the program pays for their monthly service, the total cost is the revenue that Global Domains International receives for each membership. So when we say they are a revenue sharing company we are saying they pay us from the monthly payments of the basic membership payment. The basic membership package is 10 dollars a month so the total revenue is 10 dollars a month as illustrated by the picture of the 10 dollar bill above.

Now let’s take a look at the word profit. Every company that has products or services for sell has to design the price of the product or service with enough money to pay the workers. In this type of business model the money to pay the workers is called profit. When they calculate up what the selling price is going to be they start by add up the cost of running the company and add the profit to pay the workers on to that amount. In this case the cost to run the company is 5 dollars a month and the profit is also 5 dollars.

5 dollar bill


Again I live in America so I got an image of a 5 dollar bill so you can get a good mental picture of what 5 dollars a month is in real money. I am trying to help you visualize how this works with the pictures to make teaching this as simple as possible.

The next part of this lesson is where I am going to teach you how to work less to make more money. If Global Domains International paid the whole 5 dollars to one person then to build a large monthly income would be next to impossible. Let’s say you wanted to make a 1000 dollars a month, you would have to find 200 people to become a member of the program if you got paid the full 5 dollars of profit of each membership. That would be way to much work for one person to do just to earn 1000 dollars a month.

So far I have been writing about profit and revenue sharing, now I am going to teach you about work load sharing. It takes a lot of work to build a company like Global Domains International. The owners and creators of the company knew they would need a lot of help building their company so they designed their company with a multi-level commission payout system. The way it works is it divides up the work load of building the company in to shares of work. It divides the profits and work up into shares, this way each member only has to do a small share of the work to earn their share of the profit.

It may sound a little confusing at first but I believe anyone can learn how it works if they set their mind to it.1 dollar bill

In order for a business system like this to work there are two things that have to be divided up and shared, one is the profit and the other is the work.

I will explain the dividing up of the profit first.1 dollar bill

The profit is divided into what we call layers or levels. In The Income For Life Program we use a 5 layer payout with each layer paying 1 dollar each.

Here is an image of an American 1 dollar bill so you can picture how real money works in this program.1 dollar bill

The work load is also divided up into the same layers or leveled system.

The first layer is the only share of the work we expect each person to do.

The work is teaching people how to use The Income For Life Program to build a life time1 dollar bill residual income like I am doing with this article.

If you get a regular job that pays an hourly wage the first thing they do is teach you how to do the job.

Teaching people how to build a life time1 dollar bill residual income with

The Income For Life Program is the work we do.

As you can see there is 5 pictures of the American 1 dollar bill on the page now. What I want you to picture in your mind is the 5 dollars of profit divided up into 5 layers of 1 dollar bills.

What we are really teaching here is like a math lesson you may have had when attending school. Teaching people how to make money is a math lesson because money is math.

Now here is another image to help you get a mental picture of how this all works.


This is where I am going to teach you how the work load is divided up. Look at the left side of the image where it say’s layer. Just below the word layer is the number 1. Now follow that line over to where it say’s 5 just below the word customers. I didn’t make this image myself, if I would have made it I would have used the word members, or maybe even team members. When I became a member of The Income For Life Program I did become a customer of Global Domains International but I just think it would be a better tool for teaching if it had the word members there.

Anyway, what I am using this image to illustrate is the number of people each member would have to find and train to build a life time residual income with this internet business system. The person who created this image used the number 5 and I think it works just fine. So ask your self this question as you look at this diagram, would you train 5 people if you could end up with a monthly income of 3905.00?

What this diagram is illustrating is each person setting out to find 5 and train 5 new people. Our goal is to teach people how to build a life time monthly residual income so we want to show you how the business system works if each person just does their share of the work. The business system is based on sharing the work and the profits.

The next thing to think about is how much time will it take to train someone to work this business system. I am sure the time would be different for each person but I think 5 hours would be the average. If it took 5 hours to train one person and you trained 5 people you would be investing 25 hours of your time training people. If you look at the diagram it is saying that your share of the profits would be 3905.00 after all the people were found and trained, would that be worth 25 hours of your time?

The main thing to keep in mind is we want to build a community around The Income For Life Program, we don’t want people out trying to do this all alone.

This training is just for our basic membership package, we also have a premium package for the people who have mastered the basic package and want a larger income.

What do you think? Does The Income For Life Program sound like a good internet business system to you?

If you want to have a conversation just post a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here are some of my other teaching tools for you to look at if your interested.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher

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