Born To Build book, Part One: What Are You Building?

Part one of this books starts with a few questions. The first two are questions that people may ask you pretty often.

Where do you work?Born To Build

What do you do?

These are pretty common questions that people ask me a lot.

The third question is one that no one ask but I wish they would.

What are you building?

Has anyone ever ask you, what are you building?

The premise of this book and the Gallup organization is that every person is born a builder. And everyone is the builder of their own life and future.

We are all born with natural talents and we all have the ability to learn new talents.

We are all born with an imagination and the creative ability to build things in our life and be a productive member of our family’s and citizens in our community’s.

I am assuming that this article will be read by mostly bloggers who are using their builder talents and creative talents to write a blog of their own. Writing and blogging is a good example of the skills and talents we use that we are born with to build things here on the internet and in our lives.

In this part of the book the writers talk about how these natural talents are used to bring economic development to the economy and the market. When a child starts a lemonade stand or a paper route to earn money they are using their natural builder talents to participate in the market and create economic energy.

One of the ideals the writers are wanting the reader to think about, is how everything that has ever been created and brought to the market and economy was first thought up in one persons mind. Then that person built a team of more people to develop or build the creation into a viable product or service.

Some of the examples they give are the airplane and the cars we drive. These two forms of transportation were first thought up and then developed by a team of people into viable forms of transportation. Since then they have continued to improve as innovation and technology has become better over time.

The internet and computers have been the inspiration for lots of creative builders. Bill Gates created Microsoft, Steve Jobs created Apple, Jeff Bezos created Amazon and this list could go on and on. All of these creative builders built a team of people and designed a business model and company to bring their products and services to the market and created economy energy.

The people who created WordPress are innovative builders who used technology to make the internet a place where people all over the world could become bloggers. They created this platform where we can build a community of people right here on the internet.

Three types of builders.

In the book they are saying there are three types of builders that are needed to bring these big entrepreneurial endeavors to the market.

The first is what they call the rainmaker. Rainmakers are the thought leaders that came up with the big ideals in the first place. In the examples above the thought leaders were Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. They saw a need in the market before it existed and thought up the ideal to fill the need.

The second is the conductor, these are the people the rainmakers have to find to build the management team that get the company or organization up and running.

The third is the expert, these are the people who build the systems and do the research and development to get the product and services ready for the market.

The writers of the book say that each and every one of us fits into at least one of these three types of builder roles and if we want to live our best life imaginable we should figure out which of these roles is best for us to be doing.

You are the builder of your own life.

You play the role of all three builder types in your own life, so we should all be the rainmaker, conductor and expert of our own life.

The great thing about reading books like this is they help you look at your life in a whole new way. We are living in a great time in history where the internet has created opportunity’s for ordinary people likes us to achieve things that our parents never could.

The internet gives us the ability to build things we could never build before and it gives us the ability to work with people all over the world.

The internet gives everyone the ability to build a global business with co-workers and business partners all over the world if you can learn a few skills and develop the God given talents that you were born with.

So the question is, What Are You Building?

Do you know want your God given talents are and how to use them in the market place of the global economy?

Are you developing new talents and new skills that you can use to build your best life imaginable?

What am I building?

If you have been following my blog you already know I am designing my blog into an online training course to teach people how to build a life time residual income.

The company I am teaching people about was built by two men that are rainmakers according to what the Gallup organization has wrote in this book.

The company is designed around an internet business system designed for people who want to build a life time residual income.

The business system is a profit and revenue sharing business, designed so that each person involved in the business only has to do a small amount of work because we share the work load as well as the profits and revenue.

Stay tuned, I will be writing a new article on the next part of the Born To Build book soon.

If you want to contact me just post a comment to any of my articles and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mark, the Residual Income Teacher.


11 thoughts on “Born To Build book, Part One: What Are You Building?

    1. Thanks,, I got busy with a project here at home and never finished my post on the next part of the book.
      I do have a need for building something different than the normal career choice.
      I am sure it comes from the books I read as well as a desire to create something to make the world a better place.
      Thanks for your comments, have a super wonderful day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have always wanted a traditional career path until recently. Now I want to work from home! I am always making notes and adjusting my life to what I have read. I don’t always write about it though..maybe I should.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The business system my blog is about is designed for people who want to build a life time monthly residual income.
          I think it is awesome but people have a hard time understanding it, my goal is to help people under stand how it works.

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