Sharing is a business model and a business philosophy.

When most people think of owning a business they don’t usually think of the word sharing. Most business owners start a business to make a profit for themselves, not for other people.

In this article I am going to introduce you to how sharing is a business model and a business philosophy.

We all know that our regular jobs pay us a wage for our time and effort, in most cases our regular jobs pay us a weekly paycheck or a salary. Even jobs that require a higher education like you get at college or a university still only pay you a wage for your time and effort. I think this is pretty common around the world.

The education you get growing up in school and the higher education you get in college or a university is called a formal education. A formal education will make you a living and hopefully pay all your bills, and if your wages are good enough you may even have some left over to save up for your retirement years when you get old.

Jim Rohn 1

If you want to make more money then a regular job pay’s you have to have a different type of education and learn how to work to earn a profit instead of wages.

In the quote by Jim Rohn above it is called self-education. Jim Rohn was a famous business coach here in America. He was famous for his books and public speaking on business philosophy. His teachings and books are where I have got a lot of my self-education. One of his most famous quotes is, profits are better than wages.

Jim Rohn 3

I am also a fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s books RICHDAD POORDAD and CASHFLOW QUADRANT. Robert is also famous for his books and teachings on business. Self-education has always been a big part of my life and I started this blog to share what I have learned with my readers.

There are a lot of reasons that profits are better than wages. The first would be that a profit based income can grow to be a lot bigger than a wage based income. The second reason is that a profit based income can give you financial freedom.

The company I am writing this blog about uses a business model that is based on sharing the profits and revenue with the people who represent them. They chose this business model because they want their company to grow and be very successful. All business owners want their companies to grow and be successful.

The best way to look at a company like this is with the eyes of a business owner. The first step is to think of what you would want if you started your own business. You would start your business with the goal of building a business with lots of happy customers. You would want these customers to be happy loyal customers for the rest of their life.

I am sure if you were starting your own business you would also want to find good people to work for your business. You would set a goal to find the best people possible to work for your business, you would want to find people that you could depend on to help the business grow and be successful.

If your like me you would want to create a work environment where every worker only had to do their share of the work and that they were paid well for their efforts.

By setting goals like this you are developing a business philosophy of equal pay for equal work. By developing a philosophy of equal pay for equal work you are creating an environment where the workers can work together as a team of people who care about your business and each other.

The main goal of every business and company is to have happy loyal customers and happy loyal works. If you started your own business that would be your goal I’m sure.

The profit and revenue sharing business model is designed so that the customers and workers are the same people. When you become a customer you are also given the opportunity to become a worker for the company, if you become a worker for the company and put in your share of the effort to help the company grow you can earn a share of the profits and revenues.

The company I am teaching people about with my blog is Global Domains International. I think this company has the best profit and revenue sharing business model for several reasons.

The first reason is that it is designed to become a life time residual income for everyone who decides to become a happy loyal customer and worker for the company.

The second reason is it does not involve buying or selling any physical products.

The third reason is the price or cost involved, I like earning money not spending money.

Becoming a Brand Representative is becoming a business owner, we work as independent contractors so each one of us is a business owner.

The work we do is marketing and advertising, my articles are designed to be educational but they are still a form of marketing and advertising.

Becoming a Brand Representative is like starting an advertising agency in a way, but instead of just looking for people to buy something we are looking for people who want to earn a share of the profits and revenue as well.

The internet business system that comes with each domain and website hosting package from Global Domains International is called The Income For Life Program.

The internet business system is how we earn a share of the profits and revenue and it is the main reason to become a customer of the company. Were not out looking for people who want to own a website, we are looking for people who want to earn a profit with a business of their own.The Journey Outwards

Starting a business of your own may sound scary or risky to you and I understand that.

That is why I think a business like this should have a community element to it. We want people to join the Income For Life Program and become part of a business community.

I believe WordPress is designed to be a community for people who like to write as bloggers and is the perfect platform for creating a business community.

One of my blogging goals is to build a WordPress Business Community with The Income For Life Program being the business system that we use to build a life time residual income with, I haven’t got it all figured out yet but with your help I am sure we can put it all together and make it work.

If you are a new reader of my blog and not sure what The Income For Life Program is then I want to make sure you know right now.

The Income For Life Program is an affiliate membership program, it is a complete internet business system that is included with every domain name and website hosting package sold by Global Domains International.

It is a type of affiliate marketing so it is similar to the affiliate marketing programs used by most lifestyle bloggers. The main difference is we are not selling physical products, we are selling memberships into The Income For Life Program and our business community.

I am hoping this article will help you better understand the business system I am promoting here with this blog and the mindset of building a life time residual income.

If you have questions for me you can ask them by posting a comment to any of my articles and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Jim Rohn 2

12 thoughts on “Sharing is a business model and a business philosophy.

    1. Not really doing any advertising but the blog is just one part of the things I am doing to promote residual income.
      I am organizing a Robert Kiyosaki fan club here in my home town to help people here learn how to use The Income For Life Program to build a life time residual income.
      The blog has been found in Google searches several times already and should be getting found more often as time goes on.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. the blog is really good!
        do you have Twitter? I’ve found using the social media streams really help, and just typing Twitter/ another platform into the search bar for blogs, you’ll find tips of ways to get the blog out there more

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Also Mark… The network marketing program you posted about recently… does this provide a domain to host your blog/ is this possible?
            It sounds interesting and if this is possible and you can break even/ make a bit of money each month from the marketing, then it seems like a good option to me!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Your understanding it very well, it is a domain package with hosting and The Income For Life Program is a complete internet business system.
              It is network marketing because we want to work with people and teach them how to use the program.
              We have a WordPress plugin if you want to use the domain and hosting with your WordPress blog.
              Like any business it is going to take a little time to get started but their are a lot of people living on their income.
              What we don’t want is people to get in the bad habit of just trying to sign people up with out working with them and helping them.
              We want to build a community of people helping people.
              This is the address of my domain,


            2. I like this affiliate membership program because it is based on simple math that everyone can understand,
              We also have a lot bonuses if that interest you and there is an up grade for the people who have mastered the basic membership package.
              If you want to ask question I will right a post to answer it to best of my ability.

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