Profit Sharing & Revenue Sharing. What is it and how does it work?


Profit & Revenue Sharing

is a business model where a company pay’s it’s workers

a share of the profits and revenue for their work.

I am a brand representative for awesome company called Global Domains International, and they are a company who is designed around a profit and revenue sharing business model. What this means is they pay people like me a share of their profits and wages to represent them as a brand representative. My main job is to teach other people how they can work as a brand representative so they to can earn a share of the profit and revenue of the company. This is called an affiliate membership program designed to become a life time residual income, we call it the INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM. The image above is our company logo and illustrates what we want each brand representative to work for and have. This article is part of my training program that I will use at this blog to illustrate to my readers how THE INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM works.

In this article I will explain profit and revenue sharing as best as I can, the first step is to look at each word and explain what they mean. I will start with the word revenue and then profit. I am going to assume you already know what the word sharing means.

What is revenue?   Revenue is the total amount of money a company is paid for a product or service. Global Domains International has two business packages that people can purchase from them today. They have a basic membership package and a premium membership package. The basic membership package is for the new people to start out with and the premium page is for people who have mastered the basic membership package and want to get rich. For this article I will only discuss the basic membership package. The basic membership package is only 10 dollars a month. What this means is the total revenue Global Domains International receives each month for the basic membership package is 10 dollars a month. The basic membership package is a complete business system with everything needed to build a life time residual income. A brand representative works to earn a share of this 10 dollars and that is why it is called a revenue sharing business model.

What is profit?   All company’s have to pay there bill’s the same as we do, so they have operating cost. The operating cost is designed into the price of the product or service a company has to offer. Global Domains International designed 5 dollars into the basic membership package to pay for their operating cost. What this means is the 5 dollars left over is called the profit. The 5 dollars of profit is the amount of the revenue that they share with the brand representatives like me out here representing the company.

The two man who created Global Domains International knew it was going to be a lot of work to represent their company so they designed their company around a business model that would divide up the work between the brand representatives so each one only would have to do a small portion of the work. The business model is a multi-level business model, this business model divides up two things. It divides up the money paid out to the brand representatives and the work the brand representatives have to do.

Below is a diagram that is designed to illustrate how dividing up the money and dividing up the work load will make working this affiliate membership program fairly easy. In the image below you will see what we call the 5 x 5 diagram, the diagram illustrates how our business model works if each new brand representative sets out to find and train 5 more people to work as a brand representative. In the diagram the 5 dollars of profit are divided up into 5 levels with each level being 1 dollar.


The number 1 is level 1 and it represents the amount of work we want each brand representative to do. In this diagram we are showing how much each brand representative could potentially get paid if everyone just set out with the goal of finding and training 5 more people to work as a brand representative for the company. I have another training article here you can read if you want to look at a more detailed training program.

My writings here at my blog are designed to teach monthly residual income, my blogs niche is teaching life time residual income. I am inspired to write by the books written by Robert Kiyosaki. He has written several books about this business model and his main message is that residual income is the best type of income to work for. I hope this article has helped you to understand how profit and revenue sharing is a way to build a life time residual income as a brand representative for Global Domains International.

Some of the words in this article will take you to affiliate websites that are included in the basic membership package. My hope is that you will consider becoming a brand representative and working with me to build your own INCOME FOR LIFE.blackboard-board-chalk-21696

My goal for this blog is to teach people all over the world how to build a life time residual income as a community of bloggers working together.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions you can post a comment and I will get back with you as soon as possible. If you know anyone who is interested in building a life time monthly residual income let them know about my blog so I can help them get started.

Have a super wonderful day,


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