Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

The foundation of Knowledge

School has started and our children and grandchildren are back at learning the things that make up the foundations of knowledge. We need to help them build this foundation of knowledge by taking their education very serious. We need to make sure they have a nice peaceful place at home to do their home work and take the time to help them with their home work assignments.

Developing a strong Brain

Children need to learn to focus on learning to read, write and do arithmetic to develop a strong brain. Their future and possible the future of our country and freedoms depend on them developing the foundation of knowledge while they are young.

I remember as a kid when I would come home from school my mother having me sit down in a quite place with no distractions so I could focus on doing my home work.

Distractions put limits on their learning

Young minds need a place with no distractions to read and write and practice arithmetic. As adults we need to make sure they have a quite peaceful place for them to study.


About Mark Caudill

I live just outside of Cincinnati Ohio and have for my whole life. I am 55 years old and love owning my own business and enjoy teaching people how to start and run their own business. I think residual income is a better type of income and like teaching people how to work to build a residual income by working as an independent contractor for Global Domains International. We have a simple opportunity that any one can learn to do.
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