Antique Machinery Show

I went to the 46th Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show in Georgetown Ohio over the weekend. It is amazing to look at those old machines and realize just how much more advanced we are now as compared to back when these machines were being used. Our machinery does so much more of our work now days than it did back then. As humans we continue to improve every thing around us by building better machines and technology’s. I am very glad I did not have to use old steam engines and that I live in a time where technology has simplified work to the point it is today. Working to earn a living and earn income is a whole lot easier today than it was back in the steam engine days.

In today’s world we can use an internet based tool to create a residual income, it does require some education and a willingness to learn how to use it. As humans we have the ability to use our minds to improve the way work gets done. The internet has opened new ways to earn income and get work done. I am glad I live in the age of using the internet as a tool to earn income and that there are modern tools like Global Domains International available to me today. We live in this more advanced time with technology based tools to earn a living with, thanks for reading and have a great day.


About Mark Caudill

I live just outside of Cincinnati Ohio and have for my whole life. I am 55 years old and love owning my own business and enjoy teaching people how to start and run their own business. I think residual income is a better type of income and like teaching people how to work to build a residual income by working as an independent contractor for Global Domains International. We have a simple opportunity that any one can learn to do.
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