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top_mottoBack in 2009 I was a victim of the recession, I lost my career in the heating and air conditioning industry and ended up having to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was not the only one, millions of Americans suffered the same fate I did. The main problem that caused us to become victims of the recession is we had all been working to earn the wrong type of income. My income at the time was based on the new home construction industry because I installed heating and air conditioning equipment in new homes as they were being built. The recession brought the new home construction industry to a complete stand still along with all the other industry’s that were directly involved with the building of new homes.

After losing my career I went into a time of research and learned that the only people who were not effected by the recession was people who had developed a residual income. There are many ways to develop a residual income but not all are easy to learn and implement into a busy life. Most of us need something that is simple to learn and that does not require a lot of time and effort.

During my research I learned about all the different ways to do marketing and advertising online. I studied Network and Affiliate marketing and looked at hundreds of opportunity’s that can be done by anyone who is willing to learn a few simple skills to put them in action.

Global Domains International is by far the simplest and most cost effective opportunity of all the opportunity’s I found and did research on. The basic membership package is just 10 dollars a month and includes everything you need to start earning money today. The opportunity is a simple referral program that starts with a 7 day free trail period so you can look at everything before committing to a long term involvement. Best of all you can be proud to introduce your family and friends to the affiliate program and work with them to develop a lifetime monthly income together.

This is the prefect type of opportunity for lots of reasons, I think the best part is it does not involve any selling of products like health and wellness or house hold cleaning products. All we do is teach people how to build a residual income by referring them to become a member of the income for life program. As bloggers I thing we can help a lot of people by helping them build a residual income and financial security for a better future.

Just click on my links to find out more about us and start helping people build an Income For Life.

This is one of my websites,

This is one of my affiliate websites,

This is one of my affiliate websites,

Have a great day,,, Mark


About Mark Caudill

I live just outside of Cincinnati Ohio and have for my whole life. I am 55 years old and love owning my own business and enjoy teaching people how to start and run their own business. I think residual income is a better type of income and like teaching people how to work to build a residual income by working as an independent contractor for Global Domains International. We have a simple opportunity that any one can learn to do.
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