The Income For Life Program

How can you start to build a residual income if you don’t have much time or money and you don’t want to buy or sell any type of products?

We are an Affiliate Membership Program

We do not sell any products, we help people build a monthly residual income.

Does building a lifetime monthly income sound good to you? This is what this blog and my websites are all about, the first thing you need is a tool that will work to produce a residual income after you know how to use it the right way, second you will need to find other people who want to build a residual income with you.

Global Domains International is the right tool for the right price, the basic membership package is just 10 dollars a month with half of that being paid out each month in the form of commission. Learning how to use all the features that Global Domains International has is not that hard if you are willing to put in the time and effort into learning what you need to know.

Finding people to work with is the hard part, the first step is to teach them what residual income is and how it works. One of the most important things here is you have to connect with people on a mental level that is deeper than just being a regular friend or even family. With a tool like Global Domains International your not going to be out looking for people who need a website for their business, your going to be looking for people to become your business partner and have the desire to earn and build up a residual income. The good thing about an opportunity like Global Domains International is if you learn to do this the right way you will only need around 5 of these business partners to develop a nice monthly income.

The work you will be doing is a combination of several types of marketing and advertising. Here is a list of the types of marketing and advertising I am talking about, affiliate marketing, network marketing and referral marketing. Now this may sound a bit complicating but it really isn’t because all these types of marketing are very similar and they all tie together in one way shape and form. Now let’s take a look at the definitions of each type of marketing I have listed here.

Now let’s talk about the word marketing, in the English language the word marketing is used to describe a lot of different activity’s. The main purpose of doing any type of marketing and advertising is to find new customers who have a need for a product or service. A big part of marketing and advertising is providing education about a product or service, this part is the how does it work and what is it made of, that is all information I will be providing here at this blog and I do at my websites. Another part of marketing and advertising is informing people about the price of the product or service like I did before by telling you the basic membership package is only 10 dollars a month. We all know the reason to get involved in marketing and advertising is to earn money, the cool thing about doing marketing and advertising for a company like Global Domains International is we can also help other people make more money at the same time.

The word network seems to really confuse people when I first ask people if they have ever heard of network marketing. The word network is used in a lot of different ways so let’s talk about the way it is used in marketing. If you have ever owned a business before you may have heard of networking events where people go to pass out business cards in hopes of finding some new customers. In network marketing the term is used to describe meetings or events where we invite people to come and learn about our company and the products and services they offer. For example if I invite you to attend a meeting of mine I will be presenting information to you about Global Domains International. We will talk about their website hosting services, the website building tools called site builder and most importantly we will be talking about how to develop a residual income. So when you have the to words together, [ Network Marketing ], we are talking about having meetings to discuss everything about the company Global Domains International.

The word affiliate can be confusing to if you have never thought about it before, it simply means to be a member of something. There are a lot of different types of affiliate marketing but with Global Domains International it just means you are a member of their affiliate program. Global Domains International is an affiliate membership program.

By now you have already grasp what referral means, yep, you are right, it simply means that all of the marketing we are doing is simply referring people to become a basic member of Global Domains International and to start using Global Domains International as a way to develop a lifetime monthly residual income.

I want to sum this page up by saying that I would love the opportunity to work with you and to help you develop your own lifetime monthly income with Global Domains International. I know you still have lots of questions and I want to get those questions answered for you. Take some time to click on the hyper links above and visit my website and my affiliate websites and then write down your questions and let’s have one of those networking meeting to get all your questions answered. Have a super great day.