The Income For Life Program


This is the best brand deal you can find here on the

internet for every type of content creator.

Writers And Bloggers And YouTubers

We are an Affiliate Membership Program

We do not sell any products, we help people build a monthly residual income.

Hi, my name is Mark and I am a complete introvert who spends most of my time reading books and blogs here on the internet, I also watch me fair share of YouTube videos.

I know a lot of the blogs I read are just writing and producing their content for the enjoy they get from it, and some are monetizing with affiliate programs and other strategy’s.

The same is true of the YouTube channel’s I watch, some are just producing their content for the enjoy they get from sharing their content on the internet, and there are some who are monetizing with affiliate programs. Some are even getting enough views to earn money from YouTube.

The common goal for people who create content here on the internet is to build an audience, they want people to find their content and watch or read their content.

On YouTube they are called subscribers and here on WordPress followers.

One day I was thinking to myself, what does a content creator here on the internet do for a retirement plan? Do they even have a retirement plan? How will they retire?

The term brand deal I used above is a term I have heard on YouTube and read about in blogs, it is a way to make money with your content.

I started wondering if their was a brand deal the could be used as a retirement plan. After doing some research I found a brand deal that was designed to be a retirement plan, it is called THE INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM. It is a fairly simple affiliate membership program that I think most content creators can learn to do.

The reason I understood how THE INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM could be used as a retirement plan for content creators is because I am a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert Kiyosaki writes books about money, how to make money and what is the best type of money. The main message in his books is that passive residual income is the best type of money to earn. He writes about a lot of the ways to earn this type of income and the one that I like the most is with a business model where people can build a life time income by earning a share of the profits and revenue of a company.

I think THE INCOME FOR LIFE PROGRAM is the best brand deal here on the internet because it is designed for content creators who want a retirement plan.

I believe this for several reasons, the first reason is because it is based completely on the internet. The second is because it is designed to become a life time income, and your retirement plan. Third is that it does not involve any type of physical products at all, there are no physical products to buy or sell.

At this blog I will be writing post about this internet based business system and how it all works. I will also be writing post about the teachings in Robert Kiyosaki’s books. I will also be writing post on why I think the internet is a great place to work and earn money.

I think WordPress is designed for people who want to build an online community and that is awesome. Being part of a community is an important part of life.